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Standby Generators Supplied and Installed by SwitchAir

Use of standby generators in most businesses has become a “must” as business owners try to avoid financial loss and their protect their assets. With power cuts and load shedding as it is at the moment business owners (and in some cases) home owners have started investigating what their exact electrical requirements are. Standby generators are usually invested in to ensure that businesses are not “left in the dark” in the event of a power surge, power cut or inconvenient load shedding.

SwitchAir standby generator systems can usually cater for the essential amount of power required in the event of an unforeseen or even expected power outage. In some cases the standby generator can carry the entire power load. Standby generators come with a control panel that is usually controlled and monitored by a remote PC.

There are a set of guidelines for the safe installation and use of emergency standby generators. These can be obtained from SwitchAir who will be able to assist you with the safe installation and utilisation of your standby generator.

Please feel free to contact us with all your power generating needs.