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Dry-Walling & Partitioning

SwitchAir offers dry-walling and partitioning as part of our construction portfolio.  Drywalling is when inner walls are inserted without the use of bricks and cement – in most cases this makes it quick and relatively easy to install.  Drywalling is also cost effective in comparison to usual wall construction.

Drywalling is perfect for partitioning office and working space as it can be moulded into the ideal shape and design to suit each and every rooms’ / office individual requirements. The boards are held in place with a steel framework which is also relatively easy to install.

Drywall is also ideal as it insulates against heat during the summer months and will help retain warmth during winter. You are also able to create an attractive and effective working space at a fraction of the usual costs.

Please feel free to contact us at SwitchAir for all your drywall planning and designing needs.